VMI Programs

For over 20 years, Milhench Supply Company has offered its customers a variety of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs. Tailored to your needs, Milhench’s VMI programs help you to keep your inventory lean, manage your operations efficiently and improve your cash flow.

The benefits are:
- No Dead Stock
- No Stock Outs
- Reduced Labor
- Reduced Paperwork
- Once a Month Billing for Items Used
- Improved Cash Flow

The different programs are as follows:

Consignment Program
Available for select customers, Milhench puts its inventory on your floor in a true Consignment Program. The customer and Milhench agree on a list of products and quantities that the customer would like to have on hand at all times. Milhench provides this inventory to the account, stored in a separate area specific to the Milhench inventory. On a weekly or monthly basis, a Milhench representative will visit the account and count the inventory. Milhench will then replenish the goods to reach the desired inventory level. At the end of the month, Milhench will bill the customer for the quantities that they have used, not what is on the shelf.

VMI Program
Similar to the program above, a Milhench representative will monitor your inventory and replenish when you are low. However, instead of getting billed when the item is used, the customer is billed upon shipment. The billing can be done once a month or upon receipt of the goods.