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Exceptional service isn’t just good service.
It’s, well, exceptional service.

Milhench Supply

In stock delivery in 1-2 days.

Our delivery fleet serves Boston and the surrounding suburbs, the North Shore, Southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, and everywhere in between. In stock items are in your hands in 1 to 2 days, delivered by our friendly, helpful drivers. Please ask which days we’re in your area. Or if you choose, orders can be picked up at our headquarters in New Bedford, MA. Plus, we handle local deliveries, rush orders, and walk-in customers at our Milhench Metro warehouse and showroom located in Medford, MA, 2 ½ miles from downtown Boston.

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If it’s broke, we’ll fix it.

Milhench offers complete maintenance and repair of all floor care and small packaging equipment that it sells; including vacuum cleaners, and other small- to medium-sized machines. Our full-service repair facility located in New Bedford, MA, can protect your investment and keep your equipment running like new. Please call your sales representative, or our customer service department at 508-995-8331, for more information.

Milhench Supply

Go lean and go green.

Whether your desire is to become a greener building, decrease your overall costs, heighten productivity, or improve the health and hygiene of your organization, Milhench can help you identify ways in which you can achieve your goal. Our Green Audit and Site Assessment process utilizes a consultative 5-step process to help you collect and analyze the necessary data to implement new processes and develop a coordinated plan throughout your organization.

Milhench Supply

Save when we manage your inventory.

With Milhench managing your facility supplies inventory, you’ll save time, labor, and see improved cash flow. For select customers, we offer a true Consignment Program. Milhench maintains its inventory on your floor and you’re billed for what you use, not for what is stocked. Similarly, with our VMI program, Milhench monitors and replenishes your inventory, but instead of being billed when the product is used, you’re billed upon shipment—once a month or upon receipt of goods. Contact us and we can discuss a plan that’s right for you. Send us a request on line.

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Main Office and Warehouse
121 Duchaine Blvd

New Bedford, MA 02745

Milhench Metro
241B Mystic Ave

Medford, MA 02155


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