The Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System with NEXA

At Milhench Supply Company, it’s no secret that we take sustainability and cleanliness very seriously. Washing your hands before meals, after using the bathroom, regular washing is the right thing to do, not an option. That is why we love NEXA dispensers.

The Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System with NEXA dispensers are not only eco-friendly but highly cost effective as well. Each dispenser is automated and uses 44% fewer batteries than other automated dispensers over four years. Changing the batteries takes about as much time as waiting for the automatic soap to dispense (seconds)! The batteries are stored in a very convenient location within the dispenser and can be switched out without even using a screwdriver.

The dispensers are very versatile, choose the dispenser you like (there are options for colors and sizes).  Whichever one you choose is designed to accommodate the ready to use product that is best for you (mild foam soap, antibacterial foam soap or hand sanitizer).  Whether you are using the sustainable, cost saving, refillable cartridges or ready to use cartridges, all will fit into any of their dispensers, which is particularly convenient shall you need more than one size or color option.

This means when a restroom runs out of liquid soap and the management wants to switch to foam, no problem, the same dispenser can be used!  As previously mentioned, Ecolab as a company is very environmentally conscious, which is why every bag of soap can be recycled.  Now that’s what we call Eco(lab) and economically friendly.

The best feature about the NEXA dispensers is the soap itself.  Ecolab Total Hand Hygiene System provides a concentrate which allows the consumer to mix the concentrate themselves to create a ready to use soap. The benefits of supplying the concentrate, instead of the ready to use soap are cost efficiency (it is cheaper to buy the concentrate and easier to ship!) and the concentrate can be mixed into a reusable cartridge, which cuts down on plastic use. Let me give you an analogy from your home kitchen:

Let’s think about chicken broth, everyone has at least one can sitting in their pantry at all times. A can of chicken broth can easily be purchased at the supermarket, but it is heavy, bulky, and you can use it for one meal before having to recycle the can, that all adds up! Your alternative option is to buy dehydrated chicken broth cubes. These cubes are very light, easy to carry, you can fit a lot of cubes in one small jar, and you add your own hot water to make the broth. You save a lot of money doing it this way, and you get more chicken broth for less!


Ecolab is completely re-engineering the way they think about soap dispensers (so we don’t have to!). The new model allows excess soap to be pulled back into the bag once released, which prevents clogs and drips, helping to conserve more soap and get more bang per bag! This new technology also helps prevent the buildup of bacteria in soap dispensers.

NEXA dispensers come with the option of manual or automated dispensers, which significantly cuts down your chances of coming in contact with germs and diseases that can be found in restrooms.

In fact, in 2000 the American Journal of Public Health declared "the advances of hygiene, such as that of the automatic soap dispenser, can be considered as one of the more silent victories of public health and continues to be an important disease prevention strategy."

Many clients opt for the touchless automatic option; however, Ecolab has also engineered a hygienic manual option so clients can feel secure knowing their dispensers are as hygienic as possible. Antimicrobial protection technology is used on all manual dispensers which are designed to help kill any bacteria, mold or mildew that might be growing.

If you are looking for a quality NEXA dispenser for the bathrooms in your commercial locations, please visit our website product pages.

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