Make The Switch with Ease and Save Some Trees

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Look around your office, do you have folding maps, modems, floppy disks, videotapes, pulse phones, answering machines, typewriters, or pagers? Hopefully, you don’t, but you may very well be receiving invoices from us via the US Postal Service.  Let Milhench Supply assist you in jumping into the technology of today.  In just a few minutes Milhench Supply can get you connected to their email invoicing program and you can stop your invoices from arriving via the US Postal Service and instead into your email inbox.

Let’s get you connected to our email invoicing program, which just takes a moment of your time and will create efficiencies for your business.

Benefits of electronic invoice delivery:

  • E-mailing your invoice is better for the environment.  Less paper, fewer envelopes, less printer ink, less postage, less gasoline used for delivery.
  • There is a digital record which we will both have, which can be saved forever, without overwhelming your filing or physical space.
  • e-invoices are more timely.  Your invoice delivery is not thwarted by weather, holidays or weekends.
  • Many of our users find electronic invoicing easier to manage and track than traditional paper invoicing.

If you would like to switch to have invoices and statements emailed to you please fill out our form below and we will set this up for you right away!

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Milhench Supply carries a wide range of products and solutions to help you keep your business moving and improving! We serve Boston and the surrounding suburbs, the North Shore, Southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, Worcester, Cape Cod, the Islands, and everywhere in between.