Working From Home

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Aside from all the changes and uncertainty in the world, the shift to working remotely was one of the biggest adjustments for people. Stay-at-home orders and company policies resulted in many people having to get used to their new routines at home.  

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Milhench Supply employees agreed that working from home is very convenient. Not having to get fully ready for the day and drive to work cuts down on a lot of time. Some work in sweats, some must shower and get dressed to get in the right mindset, but all together people are generally minimizing the time it takes to get ready for work. Jade feels more productive at home. If she had a busy day and she is behind, she can hop on her computer at any hour and get caught up. She recalls when she was in the officesometimes she would leave work with tasks hanging over her head that she had to get to in the morning. At home she can complete her to-do list whenever she is able. Angie’s favorite part about working from home is how quiet it is so she can concentrate. However, some don’t get that peace and quietJay said“Trying to keep my 3-year-old quiet when I’m trying to do things…has been fun.” Jay’s house might be busy with his three kids, but he said, “I definitely don’t mind spending time with my family, that’s important to me.”  

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Jade’s dog Gwen loves napping.

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Jade’s son Jacob helping her catch up on work.

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Angie’s cat Abby loves keeping her company.

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Maddi, Angie, Liz, Lois, Jay, and Jade recall funny stories that happened while they were working from home. Liz said “A customer called me to place an order and I had to put her on hold… I thought I put her on hold, and I was yelling at my son who was not being very friendly to our pet turtle. When I got back on the phone the customer was dying laughing and I said, ‘what are you laughing at?’ and she said, ‘you were yelling at your son for playing with the turtle!’ and ever since then when she calls me to place an order she asks, ‘is the turtle still alive?’ Maddi’s funny story occurred at the beginning of quarantine. It took some time for her to get used to her new working from home schedule. She said, “When we first started working from home there were a couple mornings where I got up and got ready. There was one day I actually drove halfway to work before I remembered that I was supposed to work at home!”  

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Liz’s son and their pet turtle, Bubbles.

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The power of a routine is incredibly strong. Most of the Milhench employees are happy to be in their new routines at home, spending more time with their families, having the convenience of their kitchen, and having the option to wear comfy clothes. However, the one thing they are missing is the social interaction in the office. Everyone misses catching up and joking around with their co-workers. When asked what Jay misses the most about being in the office, he said “The people 100%. Being around them… its like a family. Like I said, I love being at home with my family, but then we have our extended family. It’s a small company and most of the people when they get there, they stay so we’ve all watched each other grow. So, I’m definitely missing my friends.” The Milhench Supply team has had plenty of time to get adjusted to their new WFH lifestyles but look forward to the day they can go back into the office and be together again.

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